Minimum Business Loan Requirements

Our Systematic & Satisfactory Loan Process


Apply For a Loan Online With the Minimum Required KYC details with the E-mail Id and Contact Number. You have to upload minimum required documents after selecting the Size of the Business and Loan Amount Required.


Our Documentation Department will check uploaded documents and will get back to you to prepare final set of necessary Documents.


After receiving Payment of Non-Refundable amount of minimum Initiation Fees, we will scrutinise all required documents. We will Check Eligibility Criteria within our in-house & Hi-end AI Supported Technology.


Once Eligibility Criteria decides , Signing of Mandate as well as signing of Term Sheet is compulsory and then only We will Offer and Discuss Best Available Lenders with their ROI , Tenure and Other Terms & Conditions Negotiated by our Experts.


Once we get the In-Principle Sanction Our Team of Expertise will provide you the Best Advise & Guidelines on Terms & Conditions of Lending Partner.


Now Take a Call and Receive Funds

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We help every type of Ownership to find the right business finance solution online, whatever your business loan requirements or wherever you are in your journey of Business.

What Type of Business Funding is Best for Me?

Your Business is precious. It deserves the best suitable & cost friendly as well as affordable business loan. Get hassle-free business Financing Advise as well as Consultation in simple way under the Guidance of our well versed and Team of Experienced Financial expertise dealing in various finance sectors for more than decades.

Examples & So On…

Unsecured Business Loan

An Unsecured Loan for your business is a great finance option for small businesses that don’t own many assets or for a company that’s growing fast and needs business funding quickly. Our proprietary platform checks your business loan eligibility and matches your small business lending requirements with the right lender for your business in no time. When you apply for an online business loan using CreditEnable, we speed up the MSME loan process and even fill you in on all the MSME loan details you need to know when applying for business financing online.


  • No need to have any security or assets
  • Less documentation requirement
  • Quick to arrange
  • Simple loan process

Machinery Loan

Investment in machinery is integral to any business’ long-term success. CreditEnable’s lender partners offer machinery loans that allow you to get funds to purchase new plant, machinery or equipment, or upgrade your existing ones. A machinery loan can help you scale your business to new heights by investing in the growth and profitability of your operations.


  • You can buy critical machinery or equipment when you need it and pay for it over a period of time
  • Once the loan is paid in full, you own the equipment free of any lien.

Secured Working Capital Loan

Loans are not just for long-term or capital requirements. SMEs may face cash flow crunches that hinder their everyday operations. An inability to pay recurring expenses like rent, wages, EMIs or service accounts payables can put a strain on the business. CreditEnable’s lender partners secured working capital loans provide you the funding support to keep operations running smoothly even during a low revenue period.


  • You can streamline your cash flows during a lean business phase with immediate funds
  • You do not have to sell assets to meet operational expenses
  • Your business ownership will not get diluted because there is no need to sell a stake to get funding

Secured Term Loan

For an SME that has access to assets that can work as security for a loan, a secured term loan is a practical alternative to unsecured loans. When you pledge collateral for a loan, you can get access to a higher loan amount as well as an attractive tenure. The interest rate for a secured term loan for business is lower compared to loans that are collateral-free.

If you are a manufacturer, trader or an online or offline retailer with assets to pledge, a secured term loan could be the right business loan choice for you.


  • Longer repayment terms than unsecured loans
  • Lower interest rates
  • Larger loan sizes

Loan Against Property

When an SME business owner has a valuable personal or business property in their name, it can be used as collateral to help secure a loan. Loan against property can be used to meet your business financing needs by pledging your property papers as security. The loan can be used to meet long-term funding needs, expansion plans, buy new property and equipment or to refinance existing loans. CreditEnable’s lender partners LAP options are flexible, easy and quick to secure


  • Cost effective loans
  • Easy to secure
  • Longer repayment terms than most other loans.

Documents You Will Need to Get Your Business Loan

Depending on the size of your financial loan and the type of business you own, the documents required by lenders will be different. We’ve put together a handy guide below. Just select your loan size and type of business below and you’ll find everything you need to know to get your business finance.

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